Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summer dress - Part one

Hello everyone, finally a new post!!! This weekend I went shopping at Zara and I bought  three summer dresses, two shirts and one pair of ballerina... if I really needed them? I'm not sure, but I guess that is not the question, or ?! ;)
In my opinion you don't have to dress yourself in Chanel, Dior or other brands like that to look beautiful, of corse its nice to have your little Chanel bag or Louis Vuitton bag in your closet;)! I guess the most important thing is that you feel confident in what you are wearing and  it doesn't matter if you are wearing H&M, Zara or an old shirt of your mom... So be inspired and wear what you feel confident and strong in!!!

Have fun with my pictures and tell me what you think of the dress and the ballerina ;)

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Thanks for reading the post ;)



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