Friday, November 4, 2011


Hi everyone,
I'm really inconsequent about my blog. There is always a time I'm blogging every day and than there is the time where nothing is going on...and every time I start again, I promise to myself that I'm gonna keep on it.
The same now :)
Well here I am again with a bunch of ideas I wanne share with you.
Right now I'm in London for my study abroad and you can image that this city is full of exciting and inspiring stuff I love to share with you.

I really love Banksy, which you probably know because of my earlier post.
I was so excited when I saw a piece of him in London city :)
Watch this :)

Some other images...I finally discovered Instagram :)

A great Art gallery at New Bond street! You should go there!!

My boyfriend send me this photo :) Maarten ich liebe Dich

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